Birding trip to Nal Sarovar

Day trip to Modhera and Patan

Duration: 10-12hrs

What this tour is about:

This is a long day trip to two major cultural centres, Modhera and Patan.


Modhera is about 2.5hrs northwest from Ahmedabad. It is famous for its spectacular Sun Temple, built in the early 11th century by the Solanki dynasty. Solanki rule is said to be the golden period of Gujarati architecture, during which several masterpieces were constructed. The Sun Temple is unique in that it has three separate but integrated elements, all aligned to a central axis:

  • the Surya Kund (a massive grand stepwell with several shrines on the steps)
  • the Sabha Mandap (a magnificently carved pillared Hall of Gatherings)
  • the Garbha Griha (the sanctum sanctorum)

Beautiful carvings, including erotic sculptures, adorn the walls of the temple.


Patan is much older than Modhera, having been founded in 746 AD. Three major Hindu clans ruled from here. Prosperity peaked under Solanki rule (10th to 13th century), during which it became a centre of the famous patola weaving. In the 13th century Patan fell to invasion by the Delhi Sultanate and was destroyed. Some monuments have survived including the spectacular Rani ni Vav stepwell which lay buried under earth until 1986, when it was cleared and restored. It is entirely an underground structure, with seven storeys, each carved with amazing sculptures of gods and goddesses. As you go lower, it gets cooler and cooler. In Patan you can also visit a weaving centre and see the beautiful patola weave with its geometrical intricacy.

How the tour works:

We will pick you up from your hotel at 8:00 a.m. and drive 2.5hrs to Modhera. After visiting the Sun Temple, we will drive about 45 minutes further to Patan, and have lunch. After lunch, we will visit the Rani ni Vav and the patola weavers. We will return to Ahmedabad by 8:00 p.m.


All days of the week

Tour Start: 

From your hotel at 8:00 a.m.

Tour End: 

At your hotel by 8:00 p.m.


INR 16500 using Tata Indigo (can take 2 adults + guide + driver)
INR 18500 using Toyota Innova (can take 4 adults + guide + driver)
INR 26500 using Tempo Traveller (can take 6 adults + guide + driver)


Knowledgeable guide, AC transport, driver with cell phone, fuel, parking charges, tolls, bottled water and all taxes.


Meals/refreshment, tips, entrances.